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The property has a rating valuation of $1.815 million. BJ’s Health and Fitness has a lease to stay in the Nelson premises for another 12 months, and is continuing to look for new sties in Nelson and Richmond, Bayleys Realty principal Tony Vining says. In January the company announced it planned to develop the bar, with Mac’s theme and serving Mac’s beer on tap, at the existing Stoke brewery site.

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Which showed 22 percent growth from the previous year. The 52ha owned by Stoke Valley Holdings at the former Ngawhatu psychiatric hospital site is currently zoned rural and residential, while Solitaire’s 138ha is rural. Consents manager Jean Hodson told councillors this week that the council had joined a consortium of 12 South Island councils to try to develop common processes and standards, which is a new requirement of the act.

About 850 m² of space will be added to the courthouse, which will include two more courtrooms, hearing rooms, judges’ chambers, public waiting areas and administration space. Up to 30 percent more water could become available in parts of the Moutere area, research reveals.

That enough data had been collected to show that water levels were replenished so well in much of the eastern catchment area that more water could be allocated.  Speaking outside the meeting, Mr Thomas said 15.1 million litres of water a day could be taken by 90 permit holders in the entire Moutere catchment.

Nelson College for Girls is chopping down shrubs behind its Bronte St tennis courts to make room for parking as it gets closer to building its new gymnasium. Resource manager Frans van Boekhout said the school would choose by August 24 from three tenders to build the gym. All traffic into Port Nelson will enter through one gate by the end of the year, as the port company centralises its cargo operations.

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Which had one cargo operations centre with as few entry and exit points as possible. Concept drawings for a $10 million development on the Richmond Placemakers site have been drawn up, but site owner Gibbons Holdings is keeping a tight lid on the plans. Chief executive Ray Muollo said engineering and architectural work still needed to be done to firm up the concept, which was for several retailers.

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Placemakers is moving to a new site in Saxton Rd by the end of the year, Mr Muollo said construction of the new development was likely to take two years. In two weeks, Venice Cove restaurant owner Stefano Bonazza will be opening Stefano’s Pizzeria in the space above State Cinema 6 formerly occupied by Café Metro.

The owners of Mapua’s The Smokehouse Café have bought Flax Restaurant and Bar.as they move to expand their business. John Rouse said he and wife Marie would take over Flax next week and the Naked Bun in October. The investment property, which includes the Houston Motors car yard and a planned new workshop, was for sale for $2.5 million-plus.

Harcourts agent Tony Gowans said negotiations were under way but declined to comment further. Its designer likens it to a beautiful woman undressing, and the New Zealand Architecture Awards judges think it’s pretty neat, too. Taylor House, a Mapua home built for Wellington accountant couple Roger and Catherine Taylor, has won the residential category of the New Zealand Institute of Architects.

New facilities costing more than $58 million are proposed for the Nelson region, with a $9 million indoor stadium and a $1.5 million athletics track at Saxton Field nearing the top of the list. ratepayers face a total increase of 12.17 percent this year.

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Costing a total of $64 a property, to fund facilities, on top of a general rate rise of 3.7 percent. regional facilities were becoming a key focus for his council, but warned funding was not guaranteed for projects scheduled beyond the coming financial year.

Organisations needed to prove they could raise their own contributions before the council would commit to the projects, he said.  This puts the Nelson region well ahead of the national rate of 2.5 percent growth.

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Leading the Nelson increase was a 12 percent rise in the lucrative international sector, which grew to 76,900 nights. can expect decreased levels of service as the council’s debt is destined to hit nearly $150 million. The construction of a coastal pipeline were the key projects being deferred beyond 10 years.   With those shed from the plan, the council’s debt is still expected to climb from $68,2 million this year to a peak of $149,7 million in 2014-15.

The change followed submissions from residents last year complaining that soaring properties values caused some to be charged too much for the service. A new supermarket at Kaiteriteri could be on the cards as part of a $3 million redevelopment plan being considered.

Richmond’s median price was $364,500, up $20,000 from February and more than $40,000 from March 2005. Richmond’s median is based on a smaller number of sales, 30, than Nelson, where 17 houses sold.

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 Although the number of sections sold in the Nelson region in March was very similar to the same time last year, the total value of those sales was more than a million dollars less. In March 2005, 31 sections sold for a total of $7.18 million.  Last month, 34 sections sold for a total of $6.08 million.

The Department of Conservation is exploring a land swap after finding out part of Kanuka Lodge at Anchorage has encroached. An Act of Parliament would be needed to remove land from the national park if the department pushes ahead with a plan to swap about 500 m² of it for land belonging to the owners of Kanuka Lodge.

A trust’s attempt to acquire four council houses as security to fund a low-cost housing project in Golden Bay. The trust asked the council to give it the four Takaka council flats to use as equity to access at $2.3 million Housing New Zealand loan to make affordable housing in the bay more accessible.

The person brave enough to wade through the Nelson City Council’s budgets for the next 10 years may be shocked to learn it plans spending $30 million on a performing arts and conference centre.

Nelson Mail that the figures were purely an accounting mechanism, and did not mean Nelson ratepayers would be let to carry the can for the entire costs of the facility. Mr Fitchett said the capital expenditure listed in the council’s long-term council community plan of $14.5 million in 2009-2001, was offset by the revenue listed on another page in the plan.

 Real estate agent Julie Ambrose said the penthouse apartment, priced at $1.6 million, had sold. Another apartment was under offer, she said.  Gibbons began marketing the Wakefield Quay apartments in September 2004. The $30 million complex is being built in four towers of eight units.  The second tower is 12 o 15 months from completion. Gibbons chief executive Ray Muollo said plans for the 2ha site were unclear at this stage.

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In all cases the rent quoted is the ‘bald’ headline rent. It is unadjusted for any concessions or other inducements of any kind. It is appropriate to base the index on the unadjusted headline rents under certain circumstances.

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concessions yielded at the outset of the lease term have limited effect on the lifetime value of the investment, and therefore the rent. Two provisos are therefore required;

The leases on the basket of properties that form the basis of the index are long term leases.

The leases provide for upwards only revisions from the headline rent. Exceptional cases are automatically excluded. This is consistent with the approach adopted.whose definition of prime rent is…“the consistent rent paid for the top end of the market, not an abnormally high rent that is a one-off”.

The indices are based on estimated rents for the relevant lot sizes in each location and range as follows;

The argument in favour of value of the stock as the appropriate basis from which to derive the weights is that it confers a higher weighting on the more valuable property, e.g. city centre prime retail space. For the purposes of the rental indices, value of stock was used as the most appropriate weighting factor.

Westmeath has always enjoyed a unique strategic importance within Ireland. From as early as 100 A.D.

Today, Westmeath’s natural advantages have been enhanced by infrastructure and policy initiatives which will put the county at the forefront of development activity over the coming years.

In terms of infrastructure, the upgrading of the N6 to motorway standard between Dublin and Athlone, and the completion of this route as far as Galway by 2010.

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Completion of this route as far as Galway by 2010, will improve access between Westmeath and the country’s eastern and western capitals.

For example, Athlone’s status as a mid-point on the Dublin-Galway route could see the development of a major motorway services area outside the town.

Ongoing rail upgrades will also lead to increased development. An Athlone-Galway commuter rail link was introduced in December 2005 and there are now eight services per day between these centres. Going the other way, recent re-signalling work on the Dublin-Athlone line has seen the frequency of services rise to 11 per day with further increases

This should make Westmeath more easily commutable from the major cities on both sides of Ireland, and will give rise to further demand for house building.

On the subject of housing infrastructure, Westmeath property prices are 9% below the national average. This has attracted lots of new blood into the county and the population has grown by 11% over the last four years. One side effect of this has been the creation of business-friendly labour market conditions. Migration has led to an ample supply of workers and wages are just 88.5% of the national average.

This will ensure a good supply of affordable accommodation going forward, thereby attracting more families and business investors, and increasing the demand for new development. Westmeath’s educational infrastructure will also act as a magnet for development.